Plush NYE Party

We have decided to try the Plush NYE Party this week.  We have received mixed reviews from many people.  We will post a his and hers point of view review in the next week!  Stay tuned and Happy New Year.

Fantasycoop – Our First Lifestyle House Party – His POV

So this was our first “Lifestyle” house party and our review is a little mixed.  We were a little nervous not knowing what to expect at all.  We had multiple people tell us this was THE party to go to in Orange County.  We talked about it and decided we would take a shot and see what it’s about.  This is HIS point of view and HER point of view will follow in the next couple days.

Continue reading Fantasycoop – Our First Lifestyle House Party – His POV

Oh My Gawd am I a Lesbian? – Sea Mountain Trip 4 – Her POV

Let me start off by saying I never “experimented” in college. I never had to know what kissing a girl was like. I thought girls made out with other girls for attention and I never needed that. It’s not like I was ever opposed to the idea but nobody was ever hawt enough to tempt me into kissing a girl and liking it. I mean if a Victoria Secret model wanted to make out…I would probably do it just for the story…game on. Well…. Continue reading Oh My Gawd am I a Lesbian? – Sea Mountain Trip 4 – Her POV

Sea Mountain First Trip Her POV


Just WOW…So we started off going to the nudie beach. Sand, sun, and boobs…what’s not to love. I like to think that I’m the instigator in my marriage but no…my husband found Sea Mountain on google and we decided to give it a whirl. The first time there we mainly kept to ourselves but drank a bit to help edge out the nerves of being stark naked. I’m from a conservative family with one odd ball hippie sister so being totally naked in front of randos was new but exhilarating to me. I had absolutely no clue what went on at Sea Mountain. Continue reading Sea Mountain First Trip Her POV

Black’s Beach – Her POV

I read all the yelp reviews before going so I came prepared by stocking vodka & my no fucks given attitude. I’m willing to slip a nip if it means I get to swim nude in the ocean and leave with no tan lines. Every girl dreams of getting rid of that white bathing suit tan line while exiting the shower. Once we ascended down the never ending stairs we choose to go right & walked a bit to settle by the volleyball courts. We popped our umbrella up and after two drinks I was frolicking without my top like an exotic French girl. Continue reading Black’s Beach – Her POV

Black’s Beach 2nd Trip and More!

On the way to Black’s Beach for a 2nd time, we decided we would try to do some research.  There is really not much out there.  Both of us growing up in very conservative households, we were really nervous going to a nude beach. However, the nervousness and excitement is what makes it so fun.  After doing some research and finding some small tips, our second trip was amazing and we ended up at Black’s Beach almost every day this past summer.  The main tip we got was to head right at the bottom of the stairs and go set up next to the volleyball courts. Continue reading Black’s Beach 2nd Trip and More!

Black’s Beach First Trip

First a little background about who we are before we dive into our first post ever. We have been together now for over 10 years and started off our relationship with a ton of passion.  We were young and active and were always all over each other.  After our first vacation together the thought came up that for our next getaway, we should try a topless or nude beach.  I don’t remember who brought it up but we were both nervous about the idea while also wanting to try it.   Continue reading Black’s Beach First Trip