Oh My Gawd am I a Lesbian? – Sea Mountain Trip 4 – Her POV

Let me start off by saying I never “experimented” in college. I never had to know what kissing a girl was like. I thought girls made out with other girls for attention and I never needed that. It’s not like I was ever opposed to the idea but nobody was ever hawt enough to tempt me into kissing a girl and liking it. I mean if a Victoria Secret model wanted to make out…I would probably do it just for the story…game on. Well….

Sea Mountain experience #4 threw me for a loop to say the least. The night started as any other…Vodka and Pringles.  So sophisticated I know… My husband and I ended up in the hot tub and met another couple. They had more experience then us so we were asking them questions on how they found limits. I love my husband more than anything and never want to wake up from an experience that we both regret. They gave us good advice on communication and trust. Her husband was very respectful. He didn’t try to touch me and he never gave me a bad vibe. I could tell that they were a happily married couple. They were genuine, honest, and open about their experiences. It was nice to meet another Hawt couple that were simply spicing up their already great marriage.

Out of no where, Chloe straddled me and started kissing me. I can’t describe it. It just felt right. I was so turned on. She grabbed me and handled me like my husband would. There wasn’t a softness but a dominance that I craved. She grabbed my hair and breasts with confidence like it was just another Saturday. She pulled me to the dj room and started to please me. She fingered me slowly while massaging me with her mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was doing but it was so hard to stop. I felt like someone had taken over my body and I was watching someone else’s life play in front of me. OMG am I on the sex bed with someone other than my husband. I suddenly felt a wave of guilt…”where is my husband.” I excused myself to go talk with Bane. He assured me it was ok. LOL …like he would ever be opposed but I still wanted to be reassured. I whispered to him. “I think she made me a lesbian. She totally knows what she is doing.” We both laughed and I told him to call them back over. We met in the back… away from the crowd…This was the first night we soft swapped which I never even knew what that term meant until two weeks ago. I woke up thinking …I made out with a high school principal…I feel so naughty.

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